Coercive power

Coercive power

The goal of this assignment is to encourage you to apply course concepts to your own personal experience.

You will (a) select a concept of your choice and then

(b) describe your own personal example of it and

(c) explain how the example illustrates the concept.

Submissions  must be no longer than one printed page (submissions of longer than 1 page may be penalized).

The concept you can choose:

Social identity theory



Vertical cultures

Horizontal cultures


Ambient communication


Source credibility

Coercive power

Reward power

Referent power

Legitimate power

Expert power




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Coercive power is defined as the ability of a manager or a person to force others to follow orders through threatening them with punishment if they fail to comply with the order.  Therefore, the most important concept for one to understand concerning this type of power is that it usually uses the application of force.  As a matter of fact, it seeks compel or force behavior rather than influencing behavior of people or employees through persuasion. This type of power only instills fear to the people under you. They do not have voice concerning…


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