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3 Page Paper Needed ASAP

3 Page Paper Needed ASAP

 Its a 3 & a half minimum paper. No research is allowed, it’s just based off what we know. How much would it cost for this paper?

#2 – Regarding E3 (Cause and Effect) — because it seems there’s some confusion about how

 to develop and organize the C’s and E’s, I’ve decided to make 1 change to the essay that I

 think you’ll find helpful.  Rather than focusing on both C’s and E’s, we’ll

 focus just on effects.  This will make it easier for y’all to complete

 the assignment carefully and thoroughly.  Here’s your ‘revised’ E3 assignment:

#1 – Focusing on 1 of the following issues — teen suicide, school shootings or the

 increasing engagement of today’s youth in social media — examine the possible effects

 that it has on individuals, families and — looking at the ‘big picture,’ — on society as a whole.

#2-  Be sure you have a thesis which explains why your investigation of the effects is

 important for all readers.

#3 – Address a minimum of 3 immediate and 3 remote effects, giving specific examples and

 details to illustrate the points you make.

…………..Answer Preview………..
We all use social media in one way or another. Organizations use it to capture consumer preferences so as to produce relevant products while individuals use it to connect and share content. Social media is also a marketing tool that is used by various celebrities to gain status and popularize themselves. It has indeed become part of…………..
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