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I need you to see the MOVIE after that you can answers the Q you have to write the Q and the answers ALL in your own words and follow all the  information in the Questions  . follow all the instructors that above i need you to write the Questions and after that the answers it is not the essay i

it should be one to two paragraph for each Q 


3 months ago

Film – Poverty in America/Documentary/ The Line 43:44 Minutes (You Tube)

Based on the class discussion on poverty, individual and structural vulnerability and the film – The Line please respond to the following questions.

What facts are presented about poverty in America?

What was the most surprising to you?

What is the significance of the title – “The Line?”

What stereotypes about the poor are shown?

What needs are shown?

What solutions are mentioned?

What was the most compelling story you saw?  Why was it compelling

Describe the kinds of individual vulnerabilities (individual causes) shown.

Describe the kinds of structural (societal) vulnerabilities (societal causes) shown.



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What facts are presented about poverty in America?

According to the U.S Census bureau, About 46 million Americans live in poverty. This is the third highest poverty rate among the developed nations. The country poverty index is only ahead of Turkey and Mexico.


What was the most surprising to you?

The fact that one in every four children in America lives in poverty. This is unexpected…….


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