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National Incident Based Reporting System

National Incident Based Reporting System

Required text Foster, R. E. (2005). Police technology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall

Week 5 – Discussion 1 (2)

As the project director of a steering committee for a nationwide project; I would chose to garner political and financial support for the development and enhancement of the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) that would result in a nationwide standardized law enforcement report.

The standardized report will collect the minimum amount of information to successfully fulfill the reporting requirements for NIBRS and be flexible to allow agencies to create additional reporting requirements for that they may want to add, but they would not have the ability to reduce the minimum reporting requirements. The result of standardizing information will result in uniform reporting and meaningful data analysis. Crime analysis databases and similar software products can be developed for use in analyzing crime information from grandeur to granular level spanning from a single town to multiple states.

As of today’s writing, not all states participate in NIBRS and instead use the more archaic Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system, which masks or conceals crime through inefficient collection and reporting of all crimes that occur in a particular jurisdiction. This inefficiency results in ineffective deployment and scheduling of law enforcement personnel and resources to more adequately address crime. Standardizing the collection and reporting of criminal incidents using NIBRS results in better crime analysis and therefore allows crime problems to be correctly identified and addressed. I would further move to politically penalize those jurisdictions that do not participate in standardize reporting and the use of NIBRS by refusing them any federal monies not already promised until they comply.

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According to Foster, 2005, National Incident Based Reporting System is used for reporting of crimes to the police for decision making regarding the various crimes committed throughout the nation. This provides a great deal of information for the crimes committed to the police. The information is usually organized in complex ways due to the many aspects of a crime it reflects. The National Incident Based Reporting System can furnish information. The information is usually on criminal justice issues that are affecting the law enforcement in today’s environment. Since it provides a lot of information, the public will…


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