Current Issues in HRM Project

Current Issues in HRM Project

Each student is responsible for writing and presenting on a current HRM issue.  The issue must be directly related to one or more of the topics specifically discussed on the Course Schedule. Therefore, the issues you raise should relate to one of the functions of HRM such as recruitment, downsizing, training, executive development, or compensation and benefits discussed during that specific class. The HRM issues must be current controversies, challenges, opportunities, problems, or trends facing HR leaders. Some examples include:

  • What recruitment strategies are companies using to attract employees as the economy recovers?
  • How are worksite health promotion programs reducing health care costs of employees?
  • What are the HRM implications of an aging workforce?
  • How does executive coaching improve executive effectiveness?
  • What critical skills are most deficient in organizations?

The HRM issue should be newer and still relevant to organizations today and likely in the future. By our  second  class, we  will  determine the  date  that  you  present  your  Current  Issues  in  HRM assignment. You will also indicate the unique question that you will address. Students are to prepare a 4-page APA formatted paper (not including title or reference page) and include (cite) at least 5 references (sources can be a combination of scholarly and trade journals).  Presentations (to include a ppt presentation) should last no more than 15mins.  More details will be available in BB.  We will also discuss this assignment further during Week 3.




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