Annotated Bibliography Assignment ECON 360

Annotated Bibliography Assignment – ECON 360

For this assignment you need to find three sources for your paper topic.  Due date is on the syllabus.

·  One source should be a descriptive article about an economic problem related to developing countries.  This source could be a popular press article, an article from a trade journal, or a policy brief from a research organization or government agency.

·  Two sources should be examples of original research in economics covering a single country and a single policy related to development. This could be a peer-reviewed journal article, a working paper, or an economic report from a government agency or a research organization.

Each entry should include the following:

·  A complete citation in MLA, APA, or another standardized citation format.

·  A short description of the author and the source (use the terms covered in the lecture to correctly categorize the source).

·  A paragraph describing the main contribution of the article.

Each entry should start with the citation and then a brief description of each source.  The entry should be no longer than three paragraphs long.  Be sure to include your name and page number on each page that you complete. Each student must have three unique sources. 


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