Define a business problem including problem statement, purpose and objective.


8.  Project Presentation: Business problem

• Define a business problem including problem statement, purpose and objective.

• Identify the appropriate research design methods and techniques to address the business problem.

• Apply statistical analysis tools to evaluate data. 4. Interrupt statistical results, apply to decision-making, argue a decision, and write a report.

Your research project will be presented using Apowersoft (a free program), which will encompass the culmination of your entire project in PowerPoint form. Apowersoft allowsyou to import record your PowerPoint presentation and record audio. The following tutorials will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use Apowersoft and how to upload the program to your Google Drive to submit to Blackboard.

·  Apowersoft Tutorial

·  Google Drive Upload Tutorial

Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 minutes, with at least 12 slides used. Additionally, your presentation should be a culmination of your entire project addressing all aspects of your project (the history, purpose statement, research question, how the literature found supports your findings, what test you used and why, representation of data, what data means from a Manager/Leader perspective, and recommendations).

Note: Review the following tutorial on how to effectively create a PowerPoint

On how to write a powerpoint from the presentation


1. Give me a powerpoint slide it has to be a minimum of 12 slides


2. Give me a separate word document directly from the powerpoint slide for me to read to say and present for the powerpoint slide presentation that will be recorded it has to be a minimum of 10 minute speech.





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