New Hires for Employment

New Hires for Employment Imagine you are the HR manager at a company. You need to hire three (3) new people. One employee will work at the front desk as a customer service assistant, and the other two (2) will work on the production line. Give at least five (5) places you would recruit for … Read more

Marketing Discussion

Target Marketing: Shayna’s Fashion Boutique Shayna has been designing clothing and accessories since she was a little girl. She learned to make doll dresses with her mother’s sewing machine. She graduated from UNA with a double major in Fashion Design and Marketing. She did not see any jobs that interested her, so she asked her … Read more

Foundation of Information Technology ITS 1101 (operating systems)

Foundation of Information Technology ITS 1101 (operating systems) There are so many operating systems available in the market that it’s difficult to decide which one is the best. Search the Internet for information on the following operating systems, and draw a table that compares them in terms of scalability, ease of use, reliability, and cost. … Read more

book essay

book essay Steven Johnson, How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World, is a series of essays on how science and technology have transformed our daily lives.  Using his book, write an essay (eight-page minimum) that answers all of the following questions: 1.  Clean (Ch.4) Johnson argues that one of history’s … Read more

Discussion Response

Discussion Response 150 word each question 1. One of the things I have never enjoyed about AMU undergraduate work is the use of electronic textbooks. I never have the material available when I need it. Nevertheless, there are different file types one can use in a document, determined by specific needs of clarity. For one, … Read more


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