Howes v. Fields

Howes v. Fields

For this discussion:

·  Visit Howes v. Fields page (link given in the resources) on Oyez.

·  Click Oral Argument – October 04, 2011 under Media.

·  Listen to the first 4 minutes of oral argument with Attorney Bursch and Justice Sonia Sotomayor to set the tone for the basis of this case.

·  Click Opinion Announcement – February 21, 2012 under Media.

·  Listen to the Opinion Announcement.

·  Do any additional research that you feel is necessary for the case of Howes v. Fields using the Oyez Web site or the Capella Library.



In your main post:

·  Summarize the background of Howes v. Fields and the court decision.

·  Explain the effect Howes v. Fields might have on a correctional officer in the performance of his or her job.

·  Describe how an inmate might use the decision in Howes v. Fields to his or her advantage.

·  Outline how a correctional officer might use the decision in Howes v. Fields to his or her advantage.


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